A land of mysteries and legends

The Guetteur de Lune (Moon-Watcher) – One of the theme walks organized by the CPIE

A horned head appearing beyond the mountain ridge, an owl hooting, crickets buzzing, bats hovering over your heads… no doubt night is falling over the Haut-Languedoc area and the dance of the night animals can begin. Draw near to the Mediterranean mouflons enjoying the coolness of the end of the day, and discover the story of this emblematic species in the natural splendour offered by the Caroux mountain.

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The feral child theme trail at Lacaune-les-Bains

Step after step, discover the stages of this mysterious path. At the heart of the Bassine forest, this recreational trail, dotted with attractions, unveils the story, environment and way of life of the wild child discovered on this site in 1798. A true forest adventure that will excite, entertain and educate through a world full of mysteries and memories.

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The mystery of rock engravings

You will discover them when hiking in the area of Rec del Bosc, between La Salvetat and Lake du Laouzas. Engraved into the mountain mica schist, gneiss and granite, these engravings are associated with the local megaliths (dolmens and standing stones) and very likely date back to the same period (circa 2,500 years BC). Crosses, solar symbols, pediforms, small cavities and bowls are schematic representations probably linked to religious or magical rites: a solar cult, perhaps, or Earth Mother worship; the mystery persists.
Source: Éditions Photodeco “Balades, promenades et randonnées, Hérault, Somail-Espinouse” Guide rando-découvertes en Languedoc par Francis de Richemond.

Discover the legend of The Drac, a totemic animal of La Salvetat

A drunkard fisherman of Salvetat went fishing one day in the reserve of Prieur. But instead of catching some juicy trout, it was he who was carried away by his net. Falling in the water, he found himself face to face with a monstrous trout, that is to say, The Drac himself, who in his cave overcame the fisherman and prepared to devour him. But the fisherman promised to give Drac one of his three daughters in marriage, if he were spared. On his return home, the fisherman asked if his daughters were willing to devote themselves in this way. The two eldest reacted as if their father were mad, and it was the youngest who agreed. So Drac came to pay a nocturnal visit, which was followed by many more, and the young girl seemed very happy. But her sisters, curious, stood guard one night at the door of her room, and what they saw left them speechless. On arrival, the horrible beast transformed into a splendid knight, and won the bed of their sister, who was waiting impatiently, and at cockcrow, it disappeared. Mortified with jealousy, the two women went to the priest who decided to exorcise both the house and the river. As a result, the river-water began to boil, and the young lover plunged into the Agout to be united with her Drac and to die with him. But the pair escaped into a cave, from which a source of the river arose. And, as a miracle never arrives alone, The Drac found that the enchantment cast upon him had expired, and that he had permanently regained his human form. He was able to marry the woman he loved, and they both lived happily thereafter and had many children.

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We can still identify the river source that sprang from the cave where the two lovers took refuge. It flows from a fountain called ‘fount das novis’ (the fiancée’s fountain), located near the ‘Capelo du Bau’ at the foot of a bench. Its flow is very light, but its water has an amazing virtue: young people who drink it marry, they say, within a year.

Cathars and Templars: mysteries from the Middle Ages

Who were the Cathars, that they still exercise such fascination through the centuries? Who were the Templars, whose legends helped make novels such as The Da Vinci Code worldwide best-sellers? The Languedoc Cathar and Larzac Templar citadels may hold the key to the mystery. Between myth and reality, journey towards horizons tinged with spirituality and the mystical.